Job Vacancies PT Kopi Bintang Indonesia (Tomoro Coffee)

PT Kopi Bintang Indonesia (Tomoro Coffee)

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  • Location: Jakarta
  • Education: SMA SMK
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Job Vacancies PT Kopi Bintang Indonesia (Tomoro Coffee) – The founder of TOMORO has travelled across the world for years and has been to over 30 countries including Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Americas. This enabled him to deeply feel people’s passion for coffee culture from different countries, races, and occupations.

The founder strives to pursue the ultimate passion for coffee and quality living by creating unique coffee humanities for TOMORO, ultimately introducing the ‘coffee culture’ to every corner of the world, and letting every customer enjoys a worthy cup of good coffee.

TOMORO refers to “tomorrow“ and it means “embrace the goodness and yearn for tomorrow”. This is the original aspiration of TOMORO, strive to make every good cup of coffee with heart and encourage everyone to follow their heart bravely, feel the life with heart while yearning for tomorrow.

PT Kopi Bintang Indonesia (Tomoro Coffee) opens new job vacancies in 2023. For these vacancies, companies need young professional candidates. Prospective candidates who have high enthusiasm and dedication and a desire to develop improve their skills and experience. Therefore, the following is the latest job vacancy information for the PT Kopi Bintang Indonesia (Tomoro Coffee) with the following positions and qualifications.

Job Vacancies PT Kopi Bintang Indonesia (Tomoro Coffee)


Sales promotion Girl Event F&B

  • Location and Date : Tomoro Coffee Blok M Plaza, 17-24 February 2023
  • 4 hours of working : 11am – 3pm
  • Salary 100K/day
  • Distribute flyer with quantity 300 flyer per day, invite customer to download Tomoro Apps and invite public by explaining ‘step to claim’ in details


If you are interested and meet the qualifications of this vacancy, Send your resume and photo grid (full body and close up) to:

Subject: SPG – Blok M

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